Kvichak River Lodge Sockeye Fishing 800
Our location is optimum for a fishing lodge in the Bristol Bay region. Our lodge is located on the shore of Lake Iliamna just steps away from where the Kvichak River begins. The Kvichak boasts bountiful trophy rainbow trout, grayling, and the largest run of sockeye salmon in the world swims right past our fishing lodge.

Every year in late June through mid July a run of 2 to 4 million Sockeye Salmon move right past our lodge. Sockeye are an important food resource for the region and Brown Bear frequent the area. The Kvichak River also produces excellent Rainbow Trout fishing. Thanks to the protein rich Sockeye eggs upon which they feed, it is not uncommon to hook a 30-inch Rainbow Trout.

In addition to the huge runs of Sockeye Salmon and incredible Rainbow Trout, the Kvichak also gets a good run of Silver Salmon mid August. Letʼs not forget the resident population of Arctic Grayling that are great fun to sight fish with dry flies all summer long. Our Fishing lodge on the Kvichak also serves as a jump off point to fly by floatplane to numerous prime Bristol Bay fishing locations.


Our location is optimum for a fishing lodge in the Bristol Bay region. We are just steps away from the Kvichak River which has the largest run of Sockeye Salmon in the world.


Kvichak River Bow Fishing Braids 800


The Kvichak River is about 50 miles long and it flows from Iliamna lake to the Bristol Bay. It’s a beautiful crystal clear stream that is hard to imagine unless you have been there. Your can be floating in 15 feet of water and count every pebble in the river bottom. You can literally watch salmon swimming right by your feet and easily spot and stalk huge rainbow trout.

It’s just a short boat ride downstream to reach a section of river we call the braids. Here, the Kvichak splits into several smaller channels which makes wading and spot and stalk fishing for rainbow trout possible. The salmon pile into these channels and create spawning beds or “redds” where their eggs are dropped. The rainbow trout lay just behind the spawning salmon and gorge themselves on these eggs. This makes for the perfect bead fishery as we target the big bows positioned just downstream of the spawning salmon.

If that isn’t enough, being based on the Kvichak River means we are just minutes away from numerous other blue ribbon streams. Our Cessna 206 float plane can easily transport us to any number of amazing fishing locations hosting all 5 species of North Pacific salmon as well as rainbow trout, dolly varden, grayling, and northern pike. If the weather is not fit for flying, we fish our home river and never miss out on any fishing time.